Thursday, October 27, 2005

Award-Winning Text Editor and HTML Editor Added To Free Resouces

How would you like to build document templates, add bookmarks, convert text to HTML on-the-fly, and take charge of your code?

Now you can with a Free software package.

Peg, one of our FriendsWhoCare subscribers, recently sent me the link to this amazing free tool. I downloaded it and tried it. It works GREAT!

  • It will do everything a simple text editor will do.
  • It will insert HTML code to build web pages.
  • It will strip HTML code for article submission.

It will make shortcuts for things you're always typing, like your signature.

It will do all this and more.

This is a great time and money saver.

Just login to our free membership area, go to the free resources page and check out the "powerful text editor" under Text.

This is a great find - Thanks Peg.

To Your Success,
Susan Carroll

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Don't Suffer From Information Overload

I recently listened to a webcast hosted by Matt
and Kevin over at Nitro Marketing and heard
some information you may find interesting.

But before I share this information, let me ask

  1. Do you pay for information and training
    to help your business?
  2. Do you use the information you paid for?

I hope you do and you're not one of the 90 - 95%
of those who don't.

If you are in the 90 - 95% or are sometimes overwhelmed
by all the information you are trying to learn then here are
some tips to help you overcome your information overload:

  1. Don't focus on what you don't know. No one knows
    everything and we all had to start from scratch at
    some time in our lives. If you keep focusing on what
    you don't know it will just hold you back.
  2. Do focus on what you do know. You probably know
    more than you think you do and you knew enough
    to get more information to help you. So, start with
    the positive and move forward.
  3. Don't try to learn everything from even one product
    or training session the first time through. Unless you
    already have a lot of experience in what you are
    trying to learn there will be too much information.
    So instead of trying to learn everything all at once,
    learn those things that come easily and won't be too
    hard for you to work on.
  4. Do take notes. Take those notes for the things you
    want to work on but also make a note about those
    things that you want to learn about later. If possible,
    include a reference point like a title and page number
    so that you will be able to find the information again
    when you are ready to learn more about it.
  5. Take the first step and get started while you are still
    learning and feeling unsure of yourself. If you wait
    until you know all there is to know about your business
    you will never start it. Sure, you have to know some of
    the basics to start but you don't have to be an expert
    on every aspect of your business.
  6. Don't feel bad if you make a mistake. Everyone,
    including those who have been doing online marketing
    for years, make mistakes. As long as your mistakes
    aren't breaking any laws then you have nothing to
    worry about. (I won't even tell you all the mistakes
    I made when I first started doing this newsletter, but
    believe me, I made quite a few then and still make
    mistakes now.)
  7. After you have started and have somewhat mastered
    what you learned, you can now learn something new.
    So, go back to your notes, reread your book, listen to
    your tape or watch your video again. Learn about a
    new topic or some of the fine points for a topic you
    already know about.

The bottom line is:

Information overload comes when you are trying to learn
too much too fast.


  • Learn your business just like you learned to walk -
    a little at a time.
  • Take that first step even when you are a little wobbly
    and don't worry if you fall down. Just get back up and
    try it again.
  • Keep learning and practicing and soon you'll be out
    there running.

To Your Success,
Susan Carroll