Thursday, January 29, 2009

1 Type of Email List Anyone Can Start

Whenever I ask my readers why they haven't started building a list the most frequent answers are:

  • I can't write and

  • I don't know what to write about

Well I've found an article by expert list builder Jimmy D. Brown that I am sharing with you today because it explains 1 type of list that requires almost no writing, gives you a working example of 1 he built and gives 10 ideas for the types of lists you can start.

How To Create A "Buyers Only" List
By Jimmy D. Brown,

Content is king. It gets to wear the crown. And sit on
the throne. And rule the world. When it comes to
establishing credibility, gaining trust and producing
sales, content is royalty.

While I would never suggest abandoning the concept of
delivering high quality content to your subscribers, there
is another type of list composed of subscribers who couldn't
care less about content.

"What is this type of list?" you ask.

- > The "announcement list".

I've been teaching about the "announcement" list since
at least 2002 (on record at an event). And, yet, it's a
widely untapped asset in most email marketing circles.

The main reason is: nobody's teaching it. And so,
nobody knows anything about it, let alone how to effectively
create one of these lists.

So, we're going to revisit it.

What Is An "Announcement" List?

DEFINED: An announcement list is a list whose sole purpose
is to "announce" (I.E. Inform, notify) when something new
is available for review, consumption or purchase.

In other words, it unapologetically says, "Hey, I just
released XYZ. Come check it out!"

Now, at first glance you may be thinking, "Who would join a
list that offers no content and only sales pitch?"

If you say it that way, it doesn't sound too good to me
either! That's why you don't say it that way. Let's take
a look at HOW to "say it"...

How About An Example "Announcement" List?

If you go to this site you'll find a textbook
example of this concept. PLRSO stands for "Private Label
Rights Special Offers" I established this list for the
sole purpose of informing people anytime I have a new PLR
offer available for them to buy.

That's it.

I don't send out ezine articles to them. No newsletters.
They don't get blog posts. There aren't any special reports.
No content of any kind. What they get, in essence, are
sales messages.

And there are already 2,822 subscribers, many of which
have already purchased some of the PLR special offers that
have been "announced" to the list.

Why does it work? Let me give you plenty of reasons...

1. I took something that was "in-demand" (PLR) and I allow
people to get a head-start on the world by knowing about
new releases FIRST by joining this list.

2. It's not billed as an "announcement list", but rather
a "Free PLR Club". Big, big difference in perception.

3. It has it's own domain name, further adding to the
perceived value and importance to those who join.

4. There is no requirement to buy once you join. Buy the
offers that you want, pass on the ones you don't want.

5. A cost example is provided to show what you can
buy immediately, further illustrating the value of the
complimentary "membership".

And here's the big twist that makes this idea of creating
an "announcement" list a complete no-brainer...

I allow my affiliates to "give away" no cost memberships
to the PLRSO club!

When someone they refer buys one of the offers, they earn
a commission. And I get other people to promote and build
my list for me. We all win.

So, you may be thinking...

What Kind Of "Announcement" List can I Build?

There are a wide variety of "announcement" lists that you
can build. Let's briefly look at ten of them...

* PLR List. You can swipe my idea and create a list of
private label rights buyers.

* New Offers List. Build a list of people who love your
work and want to be notified any time you have a new
offer available.

* Pre-Launch List. Create buzz and anticipation for an
upcoming new product release by building a pre-launch
list several weeks (even months) in advance.

* Ezine Publishers List. Build a list of publishers who
want to know any time you have a new ezine article
that is available for reprint in their ezines.

* Bloggers List. Another idea is to allow bloggers who
are looking for ready-made content to post to their blogs.

* Industry News List. How about becoming the "go to"
guy or gal to share breaking news about your industry?

* Joint Venture List. Develop a list of partners and
affiliates who are ready to promote anytime you have a
new offer.

* Incentives List. Here's a great idea - create a list of
people who you offer "incentives" to when they purchase
someone else's new product through YOUR affiliate link.

* Freebie List. Regularly give away rebrandable content
(reports, articles, videos, etc.) to these subscribers
to earn commissions.

While all ten of these lists aren't necessarily "buyers"
up front, they each can certainly lead to buyers and revenue
for you if you implement them.

Content is king. But let's not forget that there are alot
of queens, princes, dukes and earls out there too.

Jimmy D. Brown, one of the most respected marketing teachers online,
has been fine-tuning what and how he teaches when it comes
to Internet Marketing since 1999. Now you can benefit from
those years of experience and also get full PLR rights to
many of his best-selling products - at ridiculously LOW
prices (I'm talking Ten Bucks).
Run, don't walk to this website --> PLRSO Club

I hope you learned from today's tip. Please leave a comment to let me know - Thanks.

To Your Success,

P.S. In case you're worried about the technical parts of building a list like creating your opt-in page and setting up your autoresponder I recommend you watch "List Building Tutorials for Newbies." These things really aren't that hard.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Are You More Like Bill Gates or a Goose?

Stills from videotape of :en:Bill Gates' depos...Image via Wikipedia

Before you answer the question let's review 3 things about Bill Gates:

  1. What does Bill Gates Own?
    While he doesn't won 100% of Microsoft he did start it and make a bundle of money from it.

  2. How much money does Bill Gates have?
    I can't give you an exact figure however it's in the billions and he's 1 of the richest men in the world. (He definitely has more than you and I have.)

  3. To be like Bill Gates you must:

    * Come from a family that can afford to pay for an exclusive education.

    * Have family and friends who support your decision to start a company.

    * Identify something you're really interested in and be willing to spend hours investigating and learning about it. (Bill Gates was 1 of the first to learn how to exploit computer software i.e. hacking.)

    * Have a plan and be a strong leader who stays in control.

    * Be a shrewd and ruthless business person. (In Bill's case this meant: hire others to do the time intensive work, make partnerships that benefit your business, be willing to gamble, learn from your mistakes, and occasionally break the law.)

Now don't answer the question just yet because I'd like you to watch this short 1 minute video first.

And let's review a few things about wild geese:

  1. What do wild geese own?
    Wild geese own nothing except their freedom to live the life they choose.

  2. How much money do wild geese have?
    They have no money yet they seem to enjoy life to the fullest. (Have you ever seen an unhappy wild goose?)

  3. To be like a wild goose you have to:

    * Be born and learn the ways of a wild goose. (Most of this is instinct but there are some things that do have to be learned.)

    * Have a supportive family and flock.

    * Be interested in life and learning the ways to survive.

    * Have a plan and be willing to work as both a leader and a follower.

    * Be a good goose in all your transactions. ( Let others do the work when you can't, partner with others who have the same goals, only gamble what you can afford to lose without hurting others i.e. as a follower you may risk everything by straying from the group however a leader must put the safety of the group first and you must learn from mistakes.)

Now you can answer the question: Are You More Like Bill Gates or a Goose?

As for me, sure I'd like to be as rich as Bill Gates however I'd rather be more like a goose.

And since this is my blog and I'm the leader right now I'd like to share a couple of things that can make my flock a little more knowledgeable.
Today I received a ton of email about a new Russell Brunson product, "Do You Suck At Making Money?" and since so many well-known internet marketers are promoting it you may think it's 1 of those launches that only a select group of "gurus" can get in on. Well it's not. It's 1 of the products available inside his "2nd Tier Club" affiliate site.

Although I don't use Vista, today I watched 1 of the videos included in the "MS Vista Performance Tips Video Series" and would like to share something I learned. There's some free software you can get so Vista will perform faster. As I stated, I don't use Vista so I haven't tried it however the video series recommends and walks you through using it.

Now since I'm more like I goose I'd really appreciate an encouraging honk from you. So please leave a comment and rate this article.

To Your Success,

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"The 7 Lessons From Who Moved My Cheese"

I first read "Who Moved My Cheese?" in 2001 when some traumatic changes were happening where I worked and I was forced to make some life changing decisions. And while I won't say the book holds the definitive answers to all of life's questions it does help you realize that things we depend on and can't always control can and do change.

I now no longer work for someone else and have more control over my life however I think the 7 lessons contained in Dr. Spencer Johnson's "Handwriting on the Wall" lessons are just as important as they were back then.

You see, having control means you must be aware of what's happening, understand what your choices are and make decisions that affect your business and livelihood often.

So in 2001 when I decided to start my own online business 1 of the first things I did was create an eBook that summarized the parable "Who Moved My Cheese?" and gave it away so that those who hadn't read it could get some of the important lessons.

Yesterday my daughter asked me where my copy of "Who Moved My Cheese?" was because she thought her 13 year old daughter needed to learn the lessons contain. Her question reminded me of my ebook. Since I would like everyone to be able to read it I've converted my 37 page picture summary to PDF and am again giving it away.

Whether you've read the book or not I encourage you to get this summary and read it because it contains more than the 7 handwriting on the wall lessons such as:

  • Your choices when it comes to dealing with change
  • Why you must be willing to adapt to changes
  • What happens to those who expect different results when they keep repeating the same actions.

And since we live in a world where everyone must learn to adapt to change feel free to give this ebook to others.

Click here to get your copy.

To Your Success,

P. S. While I think the summary is good, reading the book is even better. It's a short read of less than 100 pages and there's a great discussion at the end of the book. You can get it here.

Please rate this article. Thanks.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

January 2009

It's been awhile since we've had a site to review but thanks to Gary we have 1 this month.

Please take a look at and then either post constructive comments or send them to me to have them added as part of the blog article.

To Your Success,


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Do You Know Who Richard Simmons Is?

Yes, I mean the curly haired old guy who's made a ton of money exercising to music.

Do you know what he and President-Elect Obama have in common?

They both say they:

  1. Want to address current U.S. problems

  2. Have a desire to fix these problems

And they both know how to use people, the media and the internet to get their information known.

Now while I do believe in exercise and love to dance I've never been a big fan of Richard Simmons until yesterday when I did a little research.

Today however, I think he's someone with a good message, a way to get that message out and someone we can really learn from.

Like Obama, Richard Simmons has never written a book or made a video about internet marketing. Yet, they're both classic examples of a good internet marketer because they both:

  1. Address specific problems

  2. Offer solutions to the problems

  3. Interject their personalities into their work

And while most would agree that Richard Simmons looks and acts silly, he does address serious problems - people's health and the health of our children.

So today I'd like you to add these things to your New Year's Resolutions list:

  1. Identify a problem that others need a solution for

  2. Find a good solution you believe in to offer

  3. Decide what your business personality is and use it to brand yourself

And I'd like you to do 3 more things:

  1. Watch the video below all the way to the end.

  2. Improve your odds of staying healthy by exercising a little every day.

  3. Help protect our most important asset, the health of our children, by supporting the "Fit Kids Act."

To Your Success,

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