Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CSS Is Not Rocket Science

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If you've read my ebook "10 Internet Marketing Statements You Need To Understand Before You Give Up On Your Online Business" you already know what "It's not rocket science" actually means.

And since knowing what a cascading style sheet (CSS) is and how to use CSS style tags shouldn't be rocket science I've created a slide show.

The slide show doesn't cover all the capabilities of CSS and won't make you an expert CSS programmer. It's intent is to give you a start on understanding the basics of CSS and will:
  1. Explain why CSS is an important part of website design.
  2. Tell you where you can use a free online CSS generator.
  3. Tell you when to include CSS code in your HTML and when to use an external CSS file.
  4. Show you how to use HTML tags to put CSS code in your HTML code.
  5. Show you how to make a CSS external style sheet and how to link it to your HTML pages.

Easy CSS
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