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Are You More Like Bill Gates or a Goose?

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Before you answer the question let's review 3 things about Bill Gates:

  1. What does Bill Gates Own?
    While he doesn't won 100% of Microsoft he did start it and make a bundle of money from it.

  2. How much money does Bill Gates have?
    I can't give you an exact figure however it's in the billions and he's 1 of the richest men in the world. (He definitely has more than you and I have.)

  3. To be like Bill Gates you must:

    * Come from a family that can afford to pay for an exclusive education.

    * Have family and friends who support your decision to start a company.

    * Identify something you're really interested in and be willing to spend hours investigating and learning about it. (Bill Gates was 1 of the first to learn how to exploit computer software i.e. hacking.)

    * Have a plan and be a strong leader who stays in control.

    * Be a shrewd and ruthless business person. (In Bill's case this meant: hire others to do the time intensive work, make partnerships that benefit your business, be willing to gamble, learn from your mistakes, and occasionally break the law.)

Now don't answer the question just yet because I'd like you to watch this short 1 minute video first.

And let's review a few things about wild geese:

  1. What do wild geese own?
    Wild geese own nothing except their freedom to live the life they choose.

  2. How much money do wild geese have?
    They have no money yet they seem to enjoy life to the fullest. (Have you ever seen an unhappy wild goose?)

  3. To be like a wild goose you have to:

    * Be born and learn the ways of a wild goose. (Most of this is instinct but there are some things that do have to be learned.)

    * Have a supportive family and flock.

    * Be interested in life and learning the ways to survive.

    * Have a plan and be willing to work as both a leader and a follower.

    * Be a good goose in all your transactions. ( Let others do the work when you can't, partner with others who have the same goals, only gamble what you can afford to lose without hurting others i.e. as a follower you may risk everything by straying from the group however a leader must put the safety of the group first and you must learn from mistakes.)

Now you can answer the question: Are You More Like Bill Gates or a Goose?

As for me, sure I'd like to be as rich as Bill Gates however I'd rather be more like a goose.

And since this is my blog and I'm the leader right now I'd like to share a couple of things that can make my flock a little more knowledgeable.
Today I received a ton of email about a new Russell Brunson product, "Do You Suck At Making Money?" and since so many well-known internet marketers are promoting it you may think it's 1 of those launches that only a select group of "gurus" can get in on. Well it's not. It's 1 of the products available inside his "2nd Tier Club" affiliate site.

Although I don't use Vista, today I watched 1 of the videos included in the "MS Vista Performance Tips Video Series" and would like to share something I learned. There's some free software you can get so Vista will perform faster. As I stated, I don't use Vista so I haven't tried it however the video series recommends and walks you through using it.

Now since I'm more like I goose I'd really appreciate an encouraging honk from you. So please leave a comment and rate this article.

To Your Success,

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