Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Do You Know Who Richard Simmons Is?

Yes, I mean the curly haired old guy who's made a ton of money exercising to music.

Do you know what he and President-Elect Obama have in common?

They both say they:

  1. Want to address current U.S. problems

  2. Have a desire to fix these problems

And they both know how to use people, the media and the internet to get their information known.

Now while I do believe in exercise and love to dance I've never been a big fan of Richard Simmons until yesterday when I did a little research.

Today however, I think he's someone with a good message, a way to get that message out and someone we can really learn from.

Like Obama, Richard Simmons has never written a book or made a video about internet marketing. Yet, they're both classic examples of a good internet marketer because they both:

  1. Address specific problems

  2. Offer solutions to the problems

  3. Interject their personalities into their work

And while most would agree that Richard Simmons looks and acts silly, he does address serious problems - people's health and the health of our children.

So today I'd like you to add these things to your New Year's Resolutions list:

  1. Identify a problem that others need a solution for

  2. Find a good solution you believe in to offer

  3. Decide what your business personality is and use it to brand yourself

And I'd like you to do 3 more things:

  1. Watch the video below all the way to the end.

  2. Improve your odds of staying healthy by exercising a little every day.

  3. Help protect our most important asset, the health of our children, by supporting the "Fit Kids Act."

To Your Success,

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